BC walks an interesting line. It doesn’t seek to be an outlet for everything that’s happening in the art world, and even a casual visitor could identify our distinctive bias pretty quickly. One of the most important things is that the art looks good in a blog format, These artist usually spend so much time creating there works that I feel obligated to display it on the blog in a clean respectful way.

We strive to show each artist respect in the way we post our blogs. Included with a small gallery of images we collect for each artist, we also try to include a short bio or artist statement along with some notes on the artist as well. We always try to provide a link to an official page of the artist, if the artist has one that was given to us or that we were able to locate on our own.

We are constantly thinking and re-thinking the role of creativity in our lives and the blog is currently exploring new avenues to document this. Stay tuned for more features in the website that document the artistic process, the artist and the work.


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The aim of this website is to encourage the dissemination of creative content and the sharing of sources of inspiration between people of the world of art and design. If anyone has any objection to seeing their work published on this blog, please do get in touch through our contact page


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