wood laser engraving

holger lippmann

holger lippmann wood engravings are worth a study. the generative processing works, realized using (2-3mm) wood engraving via laser

holger lippmann

i come pretty straight from visual art. started painting as teenager, did evening courses, studied at the art academy dresden and did my diploma for sculpture. then i was 2 years masterstudent, studied post graduat in stuttgart, paris and later moved to brooklyn, new york,
where i attended a first computer graphics internship at the institut of technology, ny..

when i came back to germany in 1994, i moved to berlin, right in the middle of the electronic music boom, i started pretty radically to work with computers (only),  i knew i have to work  the same way like the music i was listening to was made .
i passed another 1 year multimedia design education.  since then, none of the fascination of working with software and internet based networks has abated. i never felt any reason to move back to paints and traditional artistic work.

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