Pinpin Co

Pinpin Co

The artist going by the monicker Pinpin Co originally hails from the People’s Republic of China, but is currently based out of Tokyo, Japan. Pinpin Co uses intricate lines and patterns (similar to traditional Henna art) to decorate and adorn the bodies of her human subjects.

She calls her work a therapeutic process, capturing the physical and mental scars of her subjects. “When I draw on people, I communicate with the model. Face has so much history and story.  We talk a lot even about private thing . It is a important point in my work. So when I choose the model, I think about relationship between he or she and me.”

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Chinese-born artist Pinpin Co. is stopping people in their tracks with her latest body art designs. Original and stunning, this avant-garde work is an impressive achievement that could be seen on a high fashion runway or in a modern ballet.

Pinpin Co., a trained architect, paints her subjects with liquid-like lines that seem to have a life of their own. She marries the painting and the subject together, creating a hybrid form of life and art. Her work is exquisitely detailed, following the contours of the human body in a way that is mesmerizing to the eye.

At once both haunting and beautiful, Pinpin Co. has developed a visionary style of art that is alluring and inventive. Borrowing from Henna style tattooing, her work has a timeless aesthetic that is also on the cutting edge of fashion-forward thinking.


Belgian artist Pinpin Co

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