Regina Scully

Regina Scully

My paintings attempt to show the phenomena of contemporary cities and spaces from my own embodied perception, that is, from the perspective of being inside these as opposed to viewing them from afar. Our current world is an amalgamation of objects, spaces, and events that collide and detach, connect and disconnect. By distorting perspective, slicing up space, and building up forms by cutting them and splicing them together, I try to hybridize disparate elements while also discovering new imaginary spaces that reference an archetypal entrance into the subconscious. My paintings do not try to tell the viewer what to see, instead they are meant to become a personalized dreamscape for the viewer, an enveloping labyrinth to enter and travel through, wherein the viewer experiences his or her own recollections and thoughts through association and memory.

Trying to hybridize and bring together contrasting elements is a formal intention in my paintings. While the density of the urban environment continues to be present in the work, recent paintings have also been inspired by the mythology of ancient lost cities as well as futuristic imaginary places. Thus my paintings also attempt to find environments outside of the city limits or a natural oasis beneath the concrete. I believe that painting, one of the oldest art forms, offers the same explorations to the viewer as our current media, yet is able to be appreciated at the viewer’s own pace. While a painting as an object is still, my paintings transform with the viewer’s discovery, and contain myriad pathways for exploration into the personal psyche as well as the collective unconscious.

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Regina Scully was born in Norfolk, Virginia and received her B.F.A. in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, she lived in New York City for five years before moving to New Orleans in 2003. Scully has exhibited in Prospect1.5, Prospect.2 Lafayette, and was selected as one of five artists for Double Crescent, a show in New York City in September, 2011, curated by Dan Cameron at C24 Gallery in Chelsea. She has exhibited in Providence, RI; Fitchburg Art Museum in MA; Brooklyn, NY; Shelter Island, NY; New York, NY and in New Orleans, LA. Her paintings are a part of prominent collections including the Microsoft Art Collection and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation Collection. Her paintings and works on paper are available at C24 Gallery, New York, NY and through Heriard-Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

Regina Scully

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