Sarah Intemann

Sarah Intemann

I am a fine artist with a BFA in painting, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in painting and drawing in water-based mediums, such as acrylic and drawing inks

My work is inspired by nature. Things such as rocks/geoformations, leaves & plant life, and coral & sea life. I take the language of nature and abstract/transform it into unique lines, shapes, colors and compositions. I also enjoy doing representational works of animals and anatomy.

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My work has primarily become about the investigation of the evocative nature of line. Discovering its abilities and limitations to describe shapes, form, and tone, poses a challenge that I find highly stimulating. I am interested in consistently pitting graceful smooth ribbons of line against strong rough gesture marks, and defining course bulky forms with sinewy elegant lines. The constant objective is to illustrate the delicate and whimsical play between chaos and order, while consciously maintaining a visual harmony and balance. I draw my visual vocabulary from nature. Specifically referencing images of geoformations, caves, glacial landforms, urban landscapes, and delineations on facets of bone surfaces, for their more structural elements. For a more delicate vernacular, I draw from botanical and aquatic life, subcutaneous anatomy, and silky patterns in nature, such as water and smoke. I primarily use a more transparent paint medium for the reason that the process and the act of painting is revealed. This evidence of the building of layers is an integral part of these invented landscapes. It helps construct a malleable and animated surface play for the observer.