Miharu Matsunaga

Miharu Matsunaga

A lot of your work involves dots. Why are you fascinated with this circular shape? 
In my university, there was a class for illustration, where I started to use dots to draw my works.
I like to use thousands of this shape because they’re like an illusion. They seem to always be moving. I felt like dots, that I created all by my hands, could give a powerful impression to people.

- the raw book

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Student designer/artist Miharu Mitsunaga has created a series of stunning portraits and photographs by covering her subjects with a multitude of tiny hand-painted dots.

Her architecturally based series, titled “Ten-Ten” (dots in Japanese), symbolically illustrates the bond between man, woman, family, friend, adult, child and nationality through covering spaces with mostly red dots in her signature pattern. Her series “Graduation Work,” takes the concept one step further covering subjects with linear white dots across their bodies, effectively creating a union across perceived differences in culture, race, sex and age. Beautiful.

- visual news


Miharu Matsunaga - ART DIRECTOR

Designer, Artist, Photographer

1989 Born in Yokohama
2007 Tama art university graphic design dept.
2007 Camera assistant at magagine agency
2011 Advertising agency at tokyo 

more on Miharu Matsunaga at http://miharumatsunaga.com/